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Community UMC

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St. Mark UMC

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Community and St. Mark United Methodist Churches are...

Two separate congregations that have come together in a shared mission of spreading the love of God to all of those we can. We share our minister and our worship is similar in format to each other so you are welcome to attend either church, depending on what time works best for you, and you will have the same worship experience. Through our joint efforts and resources, we strive to bring new people into a relationship with God and with one another as well as give them a safe and comfortable place and way to worship. When you visit either church, you will be genuinely and warmly welcomed and someone will assist you in feeling comfortable with our songbooks, way of worshipping and the facility in general. Most people who visit either church leave with at least one new friend. We are smaller congregations, so it is easy for people to learn your name and you to learn theirs. Should you have children we offer programs available for them as well and if you wish, we have childcare available during the worship services as well.