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Deadly Sins

Two weeks ago we talked about pride, and how it is in fact the root of many of the other deadly sins. There is good pride, such as in our families, our patriotism, our churches and our God. There is also bad pride, that would be when you set yourself up as greater and mightier than others. In particular, we looked at the Bible story where the priest prays next to the tax collector and his prayer is thank you God that I am not like this tax collector.

This week we looked at envy, a word often misused in our daily conversations. You may say, “I envied how you handled that.” Or perhaps I envy how you completed so much with so little. The actual definition of envy has nothing positive in it and it is all negative in both its verb and noun uses. “Ill willed” can best replace envy in a sentence and it is not as harsh of an emotion as jealousy but envy is the gateway to jealousy. We looked at two different Bible stories yesterday dealing with envy, both were from the Old Testament. The first was how envious Joseph’s brothers were of him and his relationship with his father which ultimately nearly cost Joseph his life and make his brothers murders.

The second one we looked at was two brothers, one a farmer and one a shepherd, God accepted the offerings made of the shepherd but not the ones of the farmer, not God did not reject the farmer, just the offering. Cain became so envious of his brother Abel that he killed him.

This coming week we talk abut a word not used much anymore but the action behind it is used all the time, this week we talk about wrath! Today we call it self administered justice or getting even, but it is still the same old action and emotion, so join us this coming Sunday the 18th and lets talk about your wrath.

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