Our Pastor

Pastor Kirk was raised in Chesapeake, VA and graduated Deep Creek High School. Pastor Kirk was baptized in Deep Creek Methodist Church and became a confirmed member of Deep Creek United Methodist Church after the merger of several churches formed the United Methodist denomination in 1968. As a teenager, he moved his membership to Indiana United Methodist Church in the Bowers Hill section of Chesapeake and remained a member there until entering the ministry in June of 2001. He was highly influenced by the Bass family and the Native American heritage they come from.

Pastor Kirk worked for the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office for over 30 years retiring in 2011, but remained a Auxiliary Captain which was the rank he held at retirement until finally retiring in November 2017.

In June of 2001, he accepted a part-time appointment as an Associate Pastor at Community United Methodist Church, serving alongside of Frank Jennings and Mike Putnam. Pastors Mike, Frank, and Kirk developed a life long love and friendship for each other. In June of 2002, he was appointed to St. Mark United Methodist Church and has been there ever since. In 2012, Community and St. Mark came together as a single charge after the passing of Rev. Mike and Pastor Kirk is the pastor for both churches now.

Pastor Kirk has studied at Tidewater Community College, St. Leo University and Duke Divinity School at Duke University. At Duke, he became well acquainted with the writings and teachings of James Effird and through those classes, Pastor Kirk has a passion for discerning scripture through history and the culture of the time when it was written which so many times helps to discern exactly why some of the parts of the Bible are there. He also likes to relate how the passages are relevant to our lives today making the Bible truly a living document which is still relevant in all its parts forever.

Pastor Kirk is married to the delightful Trina Culpepper who is an asset to both him and the churches. she is from California where she was a Pentecostal and has now joined Community UMC where her sister’s family attends.

In addition to serving the local churches, Pastor Kirk was the Virginia Conference Emergency Response Team Coordinator until spring of 2021. He is also a member of the Elizabeth River Trustees and Finace Committee.

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