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Sunday July 8th

Sunday, July 8th I will be taking off from the pulpits. I don’t believe I will attend the worship services of either church. Our services will be conducted by the Elizabeth River District Superintendent Wayne Snead.

Since April 1st, this year has been in turmoil for Sue and I. It was just seven weeks from her getting the first signs of illness until her passing on June 8th. This last week, both churches lost people who had been important to them.

Wednesday, we lost Bernetta Mitchell, Thursday was Sue and my anniversary, Friday was the one year anniversary of Marrianne passing and also on Friday we lost Joe Williams the Admin chair of St Mark. Yesterday we buried Bernetta and we will probably be burring Joe later this week. Next Sunday, the 8th, is Sue’s birthday and I am not sure with everything going on what frame of mind I will be in so after talking with Wayne, we agree I should take off and he will cover things.

On a positive note, he is an excellent preacher and you should all thoroughly enjoy his time with you.

Sometimes, being a good steward of what God has given you is also knowing when to rest and step away, I really feel my resting next Sunday is for the best.

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